Best ever online workshop experienced yesterday, new learning techniques, which are already there yet unexplored, hence a mentor and speaker like Prof. Chanchal Dass who has a vission and is on a mission to create a mathematician community who in future will help to carryon his endeavour of endless learning. The post session in Google classroom is much more helpful for revision
Bisakha Das
Joshi Purva Chandrashekhar , IISER, Pune
The two day workshop had a great impact on me. I am very grateful to sir for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us. I think this workshop will greatly help me in my academic endeavours and also in life. Thank you very much Mr. Dass.
Rupa Bhatt , Assistant professor
It was a wonderful session. Thoroughly loved the way of teaching and its content.It was quiet an interactive session that kept the interest on going. Looking forward for more such sessions
Customer Stories
IIT Delhi
Your workshop has always been informative and very interesting. Never thought of solving maths in such a great way
Indus International School, Pune
It was very good to learn new techniques and new formulas in MS excel ,since we have learnt how to deal with numbers but know I have learnt 2D and 3D also .I have attended 26th and 27th june 2020 workshops which were applicable to me.
Rahul Gogoi
St. Anthony's College, Shillong.
Very knowledgeable in doing the things in excel and many problems that we faced is cleared and while doing it.
Jalaj Tripathi
IIT Dhanbad
It was overall a great workshop, I really like the concept and the way of explaining.
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